Page 4 - Atahua Angus Sale 2021 ebook
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From left to right: Alan, Michele, Kirsten, Samuel, Rebecca, Savannah and Jason.

      Welcome to Atahua

      The Agricultural industry is the “Backbone” of the New Zealand economy with the Beef Industry leading
      the way as breeders strive to use the tools available to them to continue to provide the consumer with a
      product that is of a consistent quality and a pleasurable eating experience.
      Having recently attended a “What’s the Beef” seminar, a very well attended and organized morning and
      lunch, put together by Angus Pure and PGG Wrightson.  The informative presentations by industry lead-
      ers in their respective fields from genetics to meat companies providing farmers with opportunities and
      programs to improve their profitability using technology combined with New Zealands unique grass fed
      systems to achieve premiums for their product and connect producers with global markets.  The seminar
      was attended by a varied group of seedstock producers, commercial farmers and industry service provid-
      ers.  It is pleasing to see a positive and supportive attitude out there for farmers producing quality beef,
      meeting expectations not only for taste, texture and tenderness but for beef produced well, in a way that
      looks after our unique environment.

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