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Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BBSE) (Refer page 3)
      Semen Morphology: This is carried out by a registered vet accredited to examine semen samples.  Semen mor-
      phology is not normally undertaken in semen testing throughout New Zealand.  However it became apparent to
      us as breeders that the whole picture of bull fertility was not being presented to those purchasing breeding bulls.
      Morphology testing of semen involves collection of a semen sample and its complete analysis by microscope
      inspection and evaluation.  This can not be done race side at time of collection.  Any bull that achieves Semen
      Morphology of 70% Normal is considered quite adequate for all breeding purposes, single sire or multiple sire
      mating situations.  All bulls in this catalogue have a semen morphology of 70% normal or greater as of the 5th
      April 2019\. Please feel free to discuss this issue with us on sale day or before.
      Buyer Responsibility:  As breeders of bulls we can now guarantee your bull is fertile at the date of purchase.
      However, it should be noted that the fertility of a bull can vary according to his condition, his health and general
      well being.  As his new owner it pays to look after your new bull, feed him adequately, give him access to good
      water and keep him in good health.  Any major deviation could render him partially infertile or completely infer-
      tile.  Its up to you as his new owner to keep him fertile and do a BBSE before mating each year to pick up any
      problems that may have arisen.
      New Bull Arrival: Bulls can become upset and excited in the sale and delivery process.  They are subjected to
      strange yards, noises, loss their mates, different people and handling methods, trucking, unloading, new pad-
      docks and different feed and water.  This can upset animals which are normally very quiet.  When a new bull
      arrives home, unload him at the yards into a group of steers or cows for company.  follow this process and your
      bull will settle into his new environment well.
      Conditions of Sale

      TERMS AND CONDITIONS The New Zealand Stock & Station Agent’s Association Conditions of Sale and, to
      the extent deemed relevant by PGG Wrightson Limited (PGW), PGW’s Terms of Sale apply to this sale.  When
      proceeds are credited or a purchase is debited to a PGW monthly credit account, then PGW’s Monthly Account
      Terms of Trade (as amended from time to time) apply to the extent deemed relevant by PGW. These terms can
      be inspected at the registration desk and on the wall in the auction room. The current versions of PGW’s Terms
      of Sale and Monthly Account Terms of Trade are also available online at:\Our-Company\Terms-and-Conditions or in hardcopy on request.

      1.   Each lot is catalogued unless otherwise stated. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the
         auctioneers or the vendors will not be held responsible for any errors contained herein.
      2.   Each lot becomes the property of the purchaser at the fall of the hammer.
      3.   Free delivery in June. Held until 7th July at the purchaser’s risk, and insured at the purchaser’s expense,
         transport is then paid by purchaser for July delivery bulls.
      4.   Insurance: FMG refer to purchaser slip at back of the catalogue.
      5.   All intending purchasers must register at the sales office prior to the sale.  PGW will pay a purchasing rebate
         of 5% of the purchase price excluding GST, plus GST, to livestock companies & recognised independent
         livestock agents with a PGW account who have introduced buyers to PGW before the sale and/or accom-
         panied buyers to the sale.
      6.   Purchasers are requested to register prior to the sale commencing and to complete the purchasers instruction
         slip at the back of the catalogue to be handed to the auctioneers at the completion of the sale. Purchasers
         Nait No. MUST be included on the instruction slip.
      7.   Fertility Clause: All bulls in this catalogue have semen morphology of 70% or greater as of the 12/3/2021.
      8.   Soundness:  Any bulls proven to be unsound due to structural defect excluding injury, within 24 months
         from purchase, a refund of the purchase price or part there of will be offered as a credit made available at
         subsequent bull sales held by the vendor.
           Conditions:    i)   Breeder to be notified as early as possible.
                      ii)   A vet certificate must be sent to the breeder.
                     iii)   Bull must not be disposed of prior to notifying the breeder.
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