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Welcome to the Rangatira Mixed Age Cow, Bull Calf and Heifer Calf Dispersal Sale.

   Due to the postponement of our Dispersal Sale in April last year we now present for sale the very best of our Mixed Age Cows all
   vetted in calf and the top pick of the calves born in 2020. This has presented a rare opportunity for buyers as the calves can now
   be seen on the ground, all are sire verified. We have been very selective in choosing the cattle we have catalogued for this sale
   and are extremely proud that all 252 lots have passed New Zealand AA inspection.
             Thank you very much to all who supported us at our Heifer Dispersal Sale in September last year. We were thrilled by the
   result and we can’t thank you enough for your support and positive feedback.
            Our family would like to thank everyone who has been a part of Rangatira Angus Stud over the years. The outstanding
   support from our bull buyers, both stud stock and commercial has been very humbling and we are incredibly thankful to you all.
   We feel very fortunate to be part of East Coast Angus. A huge thank you to Auctioneers, Stud Stock Agents and Livestock Agents,
   your amazing professional and ongoing support over the years has helped us immensely.
            We have been extremely fortunate to have the unwavering and loyal support of Alastair MacPherson and Dollar Maxwell
   who have worked for us at Coventry Station since 1999. Our family could not be more grateful to these wonderful stockmen.
   Alastair has not only managed the farm but he has also helped us with breeding decisions for the stud.
            We have enormous gratitude for the support of our family, our parents John & Shirley Dowding and Colin & Jackie Williams
   who gave us the opportunity to farm and to breed Angus Stud Cattle and our children Johnny, Annabel & Miranda and their
   partners. In recent years Johnny & Miranda have been farming alongside us at Rangatira, their help has been outstanding.
   Rangatira Farm and Coventry Station will continue to be farmed commercially.

   Please stay on after the sale to celebrate Rangatira Angus. We look forward to catching up with you all soon.
   Kind Regards,                                                    COMPRISING OF 252 LOTS
   Charlie & Susie
                                                                 119 MIXED AGE COWS
     AUCTIONEER: Neville Clark, Carrfields Livestock
                               M. 027 598 6537                  68 HEIFER CALVES – all calves are sire verified

     BOOKING:       PGG Wrightson Limited                       65 BULL CALVES – all calves are sire verified

     VENDOR:        Charlie and Susie Dowding                  Calves EBV’s are able to be accessed online from the
                              Phone:     (06) 862 3876         beginning of March. A hardcopy will also be sent out as
                              Mobile:    027 475 2798          soon as they are available.
                              Website:    COWS ARE CATALOGUED BY AGE – IN 2 RUNS
                                                              CALVES CATALOGUED BY TAG ORDER
     Commission paid to non-participating  companies of  6%
     who introduce buyers to the sale and settle on their behalf   PREGNANCY TESTED –
     in 14 days.                                              ALL COWS VETTED IN CALF

      FREE DELIVERY throughout the North Island &             ALL LOTS HAVE
     to Wellington for South Island purchasers.             1 PASSED INSPECTION
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