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              When it was announced that the well regarded Rangatira Stud was to disperse, there were few that were
              not surprised. People asked why would Charlie and Susie, whom are so respected and liked, give up a
              stud that has so many followers, admirers and loyal clients? The flip side of this decision means that the
              sale of the mixed aged Rangatira females gives prospective purchasers an opportunity to purchase females
              that are normally unobtainable, and beyond the reach of those breeders, be that they are existing or those
              looking to start a registered stud. This puts this dispersal among the most important Angus sales in 2021
              and a must attend event.
              The Rangatira Stud was founded in 1960, by present stud master Charlie’s parents, John & Shirley
              Dowding at their home property at Te Karaka. John quickly established a reputation for himself and the
              stud as a breeder of ability and quality. Rangatira won the Borthwick Trophy for the best pen of four bulls
              at the 1976 National Sale, and the 1977 National received the top price of $12,000 for Rangatira Trojan
              422. Rangatira partnered with Cricklewood and Waimata to purchase Kaharau Ultimate 631 for $70,000
              in 1980, a son of the famed Diana’s Massive of Kauere bought out of the 1976 National Sale.

              Charlie and his brother Peter took over the running of Rangatira in 1982 following the untimely and early
              passing of their father John. Early in 1988 Peter moved to Hawkes Bay with half of the Rangatira Angus
              Stud females to begin Ruahine Angus Stud and Charlie & Susie continued farming at Rangatira. The
              purchase of “Atahua Legacy” for $155,000 at the 1992 National Sale as partners with “CSW” gave them
              both a short term scare, but they need not have worried, as unbeknown to all, including Charlie & Susie,
              Colin had pre sold semen to Australia, and indeed before Legacy went out with cows in Gisborne, sales of
              semen had paid for the bull, such was the interest in having a piece of New Zealand’s highest priced bull

              1999 was a notable year for Charlie & Susie, as they joined forces with Colin and Jackie and from then on
              ran half the Kaharau cattle at Coventry Station. During the next 15 years this partnership produced some
              wonderful bulls, and it should be noted that it was Charlie and Susie who made the breeding, mating and
              farming decisions at Coventry Station and Rangatira Farm. These decisions resulted in Kaharau Class
              790, Kaharau Clarion 844, Kaharau Cobra 546 and Rangatira Geronimo 843 to name but a very few.

              2010 saw Charlie & Susie win the Reserve Champion at Expo with Kaharau Xtra 920, followed by
              Supreme Champion Angus and Reserve Grand Champion of all breeds in 2011 with Kaharau Geronimo

              2015 saw the very successful partnership between the two studs come to a conclusion and the stud
              resumed under the Rangatira prefix. What a year it was to be for the Dowdings and the resumption of the
              Rangatira prefix. At their on farm sale at Coventry all 61 bulls offered sold and averaged $10,969. Eleven
              of the catalogue were sold for transfer to studs, 5 made $37,000 or better and Lot 18 Rangatira 13-38 sold
              for a New Zealand on farm record price of $100,000 to the Cricklewood Stud.
              This was not to be luck, but the result of good stockmanship and astute mating, as the 2017 sale averaged
              $12,740, with NZ’s top price bull at $50,000, to Mt Mable Angus.

              The 2019 sale saw an average of just on $10k and a top of $72,000 to “Umbrella Range Angus” and
              another at $40,000 to “Pikoburn Angus”.

              Therefore, all that have an interest in Angus cattle, particularly those that are extremely sound, are of
              a marvellous temperament, and of a great type and constitution, it behoves you to attend the Rangatira
              Female Sale, for this is an extremely good catalogue of Angus cows.

              Charlie & Susie will be missed as active breeders but the cows are a marvellous legacy to a couple who
              have made a huge contribution to the Angus breed and have given far more than they have ever expected
              back in return. Our friendship and fond memories of Rangatira will be eternal.

              For, and on behalf of the Auctioneers and our Industry, we look forward to seeing you all on
              March 22nd at Coventry, for what promises to be a great opportunity to those looking for cattle of
              structure and reliability to purchase and a top day out with good people.

              Kind Regards,
              Bruce Orr, MNZM.
              Carrfields Stud Stock.

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