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       1.  The New Zealand Stock and Station Agent’s Association   7.  No lot shall be taken delivery of, or removed from the
           Conditions of Sale and, to  the extent deemed relevant   yards by the purchase without first obtaining a delivery
           by PGG Wrightson Limited (PGW), PGW’s Terms of Sale      order, signed by the  Auctioneer  or  his clerk giving
           apply to this  sale.  When proceeds are credited  or a   permission for such removal.
           purchase is debited to a PGW monthly credit account,   8.  All  care  has  been taken to ensure that this Catalogue
           then PGW’s Monthly Account  Terms of  Trade  (as         has  been compiled accurately, but  no responsibility is
           amended from time to time)  apply to the extent          accepted by Rangatira  Angus for  any errors or
           deemed relevant by PGW. These terms can be inspected     omissions, or by the Auctioneer.
           at the registration desk and on the wall in the auction   9.  All Mixed Age Cows were scanned in calf on 21/01/2021
           room. The current versions of PGW’s Terms of Sale and    by John Meban of Eastland Vets, Gisborne. Purchasers
           Monthly Account  Terms of Trade are also available       may avail themselves of  further pregnancy testing
           online      at:         within 7 days of this sale  on the vendor’s property, at
           Company/Terms-and-Conditions  or  in hardcopy on         the purchaser’s  own cost.  No further liability will be
           request.                                                 accepted regarding  veterinary tested in calf after
       2.  The highest bidder  for any lot  shall be the purchaser.   delivery.
           Should any dispute arise, the dispute may be settled by   10. All intending purchasers are required to register at the
           the Auctioneer at his option, or the lot may be put up   sales office prior  to the sale.  A  purchasing  rebate  will
           again and resold.                                        them be paid to non-participating  livestock  companies
       3.  The bidding from time to time shall be regulated by the   and recognised independent  livestock  agents with
           Auctioneer and no bid shall be retracted.                approved   credit  facilities  introducing  and/or
       4.  If any lot be offered at a reserve price in excess of the   accompanying buyers to the sale.
           highest  bid, the highest  bidder shall  have priority of   11. This sale is to be conducted under the Health and Safety
           right to purchase at such price.                         Act 2015.
       5.  Each lot shall  be at  the  risk  of the purchaser    12. Insurance of purchasers is  recommended.  AON and
           immediately on the fall of the hammer.                   FMG agents will be in attendance.
       6.  The sale is conducted GST exclusive.

              HEALTH AND SAFETY                                   HEALTH STATUS & MATING

       Under the  Health and Safety Act 2015  we are required to   All Mixed Age Cows were pregnancy scanned in calf on
       advise people of possible hazards which are listed below;   21/01/2021.
                                                                Mating dates are listed in the animals individual lot.
       1.  Cattle movements                                     In February 2021 all Mixed Age Cows, Bull Calves
       2.  Vehicles and machinery                               and Heifer Calves received an Ultravac 7in1 injection.
       3.  Cattle yards, slippery surfaces and rails            In August 2020 all MA Cows received a BVD vaccine.
       4.  Electrical appliances
       5.  Woolshed steps                                                            NOTE
       6.  Bull sale area and tiered hay bale seating
       7.  All children are the sole responsibility  of  their   All MA Cows and Heifer Calves offered in this catalogue have
           parents/caregivers                                   been inspected by a  New Zealand Angus Association
       OSH: Every effort has been taken by the Vendors to ensure   All  MA Cows,  Heifer Calves  & Bull Calves  have passed
       the safety of all  visitors on Sale  Day or  any other day.   inspection.
       However, we wish to advise that this is a  farm run under
       normal management conditions and certain dangers exist in
       relation to livestock and their environment. We ask visitors to
       take care to ensure their personal safety.

                              RANGATIRA ANGUS FINAL

                     RISING TWO YEAR OLD BULL SALE

                        WEDNESDAY 30th JUNE 2021 at 9am

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