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Welcome to the Rangatira Angus Mixed Age Cow, Heifer and Bull Calf Dispersal Sale. After the
               disruption of 2020, the cows have been re-catalogued after calving down, and their sons and
               daughters added to the offering. Fingers crossed for no further disruption in the lead up to the sale
               this year, but there will be an online bidding platform either way, to counter any threat of another
               postponement and provide the convenience of bidding from home if you wish.

               As the beef cow is pushed further back into the tiger country of our great nation, future proofing
               your herd is a no brainer. Steadfast cows with guts will bring glory to your breeding programme and
               beyond. Getting the basics right – structure, fertility, longevity and temperament – provides a robust
               foundation for you to maintain or improve on to your preference. Such are the cattle presented for
               sale in this final female dispersal for Rangatira Angus.

               As the Angus breed evolves, Rangatira have stuck to their knitting, consistently producing bulls for
               the industry that surpass client expectations. A lifetime focus of breeding strong, productive cattle is
               evident as you inspect this offering. The pedigrees in the following pages read like NZ Angus royalty;
               no expense has been spared in this programme to bring you trusted and proven Angus families that
               have secured their worth as reliable and predictable, providing peace of mind as you make your
               selections.  As genuine as the East Coast hill country they’re born on, they have been bred and
               selected to look after you as they have the Dowding family over the generations. They will provide a
               superb foundation for any newly established Angus herd, presenting a unique opportunity to
               purchase inherently sound and docile cattle of a great type. They will also be of great benefit to the
               established breeder, as rarely females of this quality are available on the open market.

               The stud’s continued success speaks volumes of its appeal to both stud and commercial Angus
               breeders. The herd is a true credit to the immediate and wider team at Rangatira Angus, now and
               throughout its history. After 60 years of breeding, the class that is the Rangatira Angus will leave a
               lasting legacy within the herd books, and in the impact the cattle offered in this sale will make in
               their new herds.

               We look forward to seeing you on the 22  March, which guarantees to be a good day out with top
               cattle, great people, and that infamous East Coast hospitality.

               All the best,

               Emma Pollitt.
               PGG Wrightson – Genetics Specialist

                                          STEVE, MIRANDA, CHARLIE & EMMA – BULL TRIP 2019

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