Using Facebook to Market Your Sale

Pre Event Build-up with Facebook Live

There’s just something about a video, that makes a post more appealing, maybe it’s the chance that people could mess it up or the transparency, maybe it makes us feel more connection. People enjoy live video far more that they do traditional video. Users spend three times longer watching live video than they do pre-recorded videos.

It quickly engages people and they watch it for longer that alternative video content. Facebook considers live video more newsfeed worthy than ordinary content and it is a brilliant way to create pre-event build-up!

Set up an Event

Facebook has an excellent array of tools for effectively promoting an event on a business page. Done right this is an effective way to target those you would like to come to your event and get increased attendance. Though this doesn’t cost, it does pay to boost your event at a chosen daily budget to a highly-targeted audience. Your business page should be optimised to promote the event also.

Paid advertising

Facebook Ads offers the most data and the most targeted ads. You can be as specific as targeting men between the ages of 45 and 62 who live in a particular location who are sheep or beef farmers, right down to which breeds they are interested in.

Once you have selected your market demographic Facebook Ads allows you to choose a goal. Do you want to drive traffic to your website, get people to take action on your website, promote your Facebook page and build up your followers, get more engagement on a post or raise attendance at your event. 

Facebook ads allows a set budget, which could be $2 a day or $10 a day for a day, a week or 6 weeks, it is entirely up to you. Therefore offering an entirely flexible low cost seasonal marketing option.

Talk to us about marketing your event using social media.