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Waigroup –

      a world first

      As  early  as  1967,  we  determined  that  we  would
      select for economically measurable traits, and cull
      ruthlessly for problems of soundness, constitution or
      Our group breeding scheme was the first of its kind
      in international cattle breeding. We were fortunate to
      secure the services of Dr T. S. Chang, world renowned
      Massey  geneticist,  who  designed  our  120  year
      programme and acted as consultant for many years.
      By pooling genetic resources, the group was able to
      make rapid progress. Today, with the next generation
      at the helm, that progress is still continuing.

      The  group  calves  500  registered  cows  and  has
      positioned itself at the forefront of Angus breeding in
      NZ. Over the past 50yrs, needs and demands of the
      wider industry and commercial farmer have changed
      and Waigroup has also continued to evolve to meet
      these needs, while staying true to the original objectives.
      The  sound  attributes  of  our  cattle,  particularly  in
      calving ease, have been recognised by the Livestock
      Improvement Association. For over 20 years, Waigroup
      has been a major supplier of Angus semen for their
      beef pack catalogue.

      All cattle are recorded on TACE - our herd was among
      the first to initiate performance recording.

      Waigroup – the NZ Angus heifer mating

      In any heifer mating programme, bull selection is
      pivotal to success. High birth weight is the major
      cause of calving problems, stock losses and in-calf
      rate  (% back in calf).

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