Page 5 - Waigroup Pinebank Pinehill Angus 2021 Catalogue ebook
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Waigroup – for growth

      As many farmers have found, extremely high growth
      rates  may  sound  great,  but  are  seldom  the  most
      efficient or desirable under New Zealand commercial
      farming conditions. High growth rates need high inputs
      of top quality feed. Here in New Zealand, beef cattle
      are often challenged to convert average quality feed
      to above average weight gains.
      Waigroup cattle are tested to produce under commercial
      conditions. They are run with sheep for most of the
      year. They are not, and never will be, pampered or
      preferentially fed.
      They are bred for the most efficient growth rate, to give
      the best balance of economically important EBV’s - and
      therefore to maximise your profits.
      •  Waigroup  cattle  are  bred  for  optimum feed
        conversion and optimum growth rates under
        grass fed conditions.

      Waigroup - for Soundness

      Soundness is vital for longevity and performance. And
      the longer your cattle can actively produce on your
      farm, the more money you will make. We have cows
      at up to 17 years of age, still weaning good calves!

      We have placed particular emphasis on udders and
      teats on females, and correct leg structure, especially
      the back legs of bulls, so vital for ensuring mobility and
      lasting serving ability on the hills.
      •  Our bulls’ feet are guaranteed for three years, one
        of the best guarantees in New Zealand.
      •  Our  2yr bulls are semen and service tested prior
        to sale.
      •  Our cattle have proven staying power and

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