Page 4 - Waigroup Pinebank Pinehill Angus 2021 Catalogue ebook
P. 4

Joe Fouhy (R) presenting Willie Falloon with
      a certificate to mark 100 years of breeding for
      Pinebank Angus.

      Waigroup has selected for heifer mating characteristics
      since 1974.
      •  All Waigroup females  have  been  in  calf  as  a
        yearling, and every year thereafter.
      •  All cows must calve unassisted.
      •  All sires are selected for a combination of  calving
        ease, optimum growth rates and carcase traits.

      Waigroup – for reproduction

      We should never lose sight of the fact that reproduction
      is the key driver in producing profits from your breeding
      cow herd.
      •  Waigroup cows are selected to get in calf easily,
        wean a heavy, healthy calf, and get straight back in
        calf again.
      •  Waigroup  cows  are  challenged  to  reproduce  on
        testing Wairarapa hill country, in conjunction with
        high performing sheep operations.
      •  Waigroup cows produce ample milk.

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