Page 6 - Waigroup Pinebank Pinehill Angus 2021 Catalogue ebook
P. 6

Waigroup – for temperament

      Temperament is highly heritable and we have selected
      strongly for this important trait. Our cows have a “user
      friendly”  maternal  instinct  –  our  calves  are  safely
      weighed and tagged at birth. Temperament also has
      an effect on meat PH, colour and quality.
      •  Our cattle are quiet and will improve the temperament
        and handling ability of their progeny.

      Waigroup – for genetic predictability

      Our  breeding  programme  has  been  designed  to
      generate  sires  from  within  our  herd,  using  a  large
      base of cows and limited infusions of outside genetics.
      Under this system, geneticists have proven that a herd
      of our size can maximise genetic progress for at least
      120 years.
      Due to their purity, Waigroup genetics will be a potent
      and powerful force in your cow herd. We’ve bred the
      cattle that the New Zealand farmer needs and that
      perform to our high expectations. As a result, outside
      bloodlines are  introduced sparingly  - we’re careful
      not to jeopardise the unique genetic stamp we have
      cemented in the Waigroup herd.
      •  Our bulls will perform to the levels we claim.
      •  Our  bulls  will  rapidly  and  cumulatively  lift  the
        production levels of your herd.

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