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Welcome to

      Waigroup Angus

      Our aims are simple - to breed a moderate framed,
      fertile cow with soundness and constitution, that
      will calve unassisted, and wean an above - average
      calf every year under commercial conditions. In
      other words, a cow that will make you more money.

      By  taking  a  hard  nosed  and  commercial  approach
      to cattle breeding, Waigroup Angus has made huge
      genetic gains in its herd programme. Cows are run on
      challenging Wairarapa hill country. Constitution and
      longevity are tested under our stocking regime. Every
      Waigroup female must be in calf as a yearling and calve
      unassisted as a two year old. Every female must rear
      a calf, every year. The end result is a superior cow
      that will thrive, produce, and make you more money.

                            Willie Falloon, Pinebank
                                R.D.4, Masterton.
                                Ph: 06 372-7041
                                  0800 149 244

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